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The Child

Tears flowed free when she found me,
Deciding to give her company
I loved her because we were one
She was my mother I was her son

I waited for months to see her face
To feel her skin in an embrace
Floating around within the darkness
Hoping to live my life in likeness

She was the person I longed to meet
The sight of her smile ever so sweet
Glancing upon my subtle form
Her hands so snug keeping me warm

But dear lord was that too much to ask?
Answer me, is that too great of a task.
I only wanted to see my mother
But why, why would I even bother?

Foreign hands lay upon her skin
I feel my whole world caving in
Pressing with unbelievable pain
I could feel my whole body strain

I try to run but I cannot,
My heart pumping in a fraught
He’s coming for me I cannot hide
And no one would hear me if I cried

I wanted my mother but she didn’t want me
In a world of darkness that was hard to see
But now it’s over the end is nigh
With a cracking pain I say goodbye.
I wrote this a while back when I remembered something I saw from elementary school. There was a poster of the Diary of an Unborn Child and it really gave me the chills. This piece is to give homage to that piece of literature which probably is in a box somewhere in the bowels of my old school's storage room.

What would a Child think in the womb?

Critique me guys please :)  
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February 10, 2014


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